MCU Tie-In Novel May Reveal How Jane Becomes Worthy In Thor: Love And Thunder

thor love thunder portman

Jane Foster will be the one wielding Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder, a development that sent fans into meltdown when it was announced last month at Comic-Con. Once the excitement died off, though, we realized that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered about how Natalie Portman’s character becomes the Goddess of Thunder.

For instance, how is she able to pick up Thor’s mystical hammer when she couldn’t before? Well, it’s possible that a clue towards how this comes about is hidden in an MCU tie-in novel. The Cosmic Quest Vol. 2: Aftermath by Brandon T. Snider can currently be considered canon (until anything in the movies conflicts with it) and it follows Erik Selvig and Darcy as they investigate the cause of the Snap.

Their old pal Jane Foster naturally puts in an appearance, too, with the astrophysicist revealed to have developed a special sense due to being possessed by the Aether, which means she detected that it was the Infinity Stones that halved the world’s population. The gang travel to Tønsberg, Norway AKA New Asgard where Jane uses the Waters of Sight to discover more about Thanos and what he did.

As ScreenRant suggests, this extra sense sounds a lot like the “Cosmic Awareness” that Jane has in the comics. Marvel lore tells us that this ability is possessed by those who are destined to become some of the most powerful beings in the universe – Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock and certain hosts for the Phoenix Force. So, this novel may’ve teed up Jane’s fate as the future Thor without us even realizing it. It seems like it’s all tied into her experience with the Reality Stone.

Thor: Love and Thunder is due to film early next year in Australia, before arriving in theaters on November 5th, 2021. If you have any theories about Jane becoming the Mighty Thor before then, be sure to share them in the comments section below.