Watch: New Video Shows Every Time Captain America’s Punched In The Face


As the leader of the Avengers and one of the few people responsible for saving the entire world on multiple occasions, you would expect Captain America to instantly command the respect of almost everybody that he encounters. Sure, the scrawny version of Steve Rogers wouldn’t have struck fear into the hearts of the many bullies that he had to contend with, but Chris Evans’ super-buff super-soldier was an entirely different proposition.

It turns out that wasn’t exactly the case though, because a new compilation video based on Cap’s decade as a key figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made its way online, and just goes to show that the star-spangled superhero seemed to spend an awful lot of time being punched in the face.

From the backstreets of World War II-era New York to a desperate last stand against Thanos during Avengers: Endgame’s climactic battle in which he was originally set to be decapitated, Cap has certainly been through the wringer as he’s faced off against enemies like the Red Skull, friends-turned-enemies-turned-friends Bucky Barnes and Tony Stark, and even himself as the 2012 and 2023 versions of Steve Rogers faced off in a battle for supremacy over the right to be named America’s Ass.

Obviously, every hero in the MCU is subjected to a little bit of wear and tear, but the fact that Captain America doesn’t have the benefit of being able to shoot arrows from a distance, strap into a weaponized armored suit, web-swing from his surroundings, summon the power of enchanted Asgardian hammers or turn himself into a giant green rage monster means that he’s forced to do battle up close and personal, and this video only goes to show that it didn’t exactly go off without a hitch.