The MCU X-Men’s Team Leaders Have Reportedly Been Revealed

X-Men 2 Photo

If you only knew the X-Men from the movies and weren’t familiar with their comic book history, then you’d be easily forgiven for not knowing that Cyclops is supposed to be the leader of the team. Neither James Marsden or Tye Sheridan were really given much to work with as Scott Summers, with the character often shunted to the background as the Fox franchise focused more on either the relationship between Charles Xavier and Magneto or Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

With the rights to the mutants now finally in the hands of Marvel Studios though, fans are hoping that the latest X-Men reboot will be able to do Cyclops justice after spending two decades watching him be relegated to the sidelines with very little to do. The MCU has already proven that they can turn a character who doesn’t seem all that interesting on paper into one of the most vital cogs in their all-conquering machine in Captain America, so hopefully they’ll be able to establish Cyclops as a similarly important figurehead.

Although we aren’t expected to see the MCU’s X-Men until as far away as Phase Six, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who said Karen Gillan is being eyed for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and the real Mandarin will be the villain of Shang-Chi, both of which have since been confirmed – that the current plan is for Cyclops to finally step up and assume command of the team. However, he’ll reportedly be sharing those duties with Storm, another character who ended up having less and less importance as the Fox series went on.

According to our intel, Marvel are keen to try and make their version of the X-Men as different from the previous incarnations as possible without straying too far from the source material, and knowing full well that fans weren’t happy with how Cyclops was used, they’re keen to establish him as one of the key players in the upcoming reboot alongside Storm, who’s also led the team in the comics but wasn’t always portrayed as integral to the movies.