MCU’s Benedict Wong says ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ role ‘icing on the cake’

Actor Benedict Wong is super thrilled to be appearing in the forthcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, a revelation for which we can’t help but feel vicariously happy.

The actor, who first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the sorcerer known as Wong in 2016’s Doctor Strange, has been fulfilling a role similar to that of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury from the early days of the franchise, popping into various films as a connective thread for the overall MCU and recruiting various heroes for life-or-death-stakes missions. This role is evident in the character’s appearances in Marvel films such as Shang-Chi, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and the forthcoming third installment of the Tom Holland-helmed Spider-Man trilogy.

However, it was clear that of all those cameos, his appearance in Spider-Man was the nearest and dearest to his heart, as the actor explained while donning some Spidey tights in a photo on Instagram and declaring himself “SpiderWong,” that Wong “started collecting Spiderman comics as a kid.”

“I had no idea it would lead me to meeting Stan Lee joining the MCU !!” the actor went on to exclaim. “To be featured in @spidermanmovie is the icing on the cake .”

Hopping over to Reddit, where a screen capture of the Instagram post was charting on the MarvelStudios subreddit, fans were singing Wong’s praises as well as his newly-minted role in the MCU as a kind of torchbearer for Nick Fury.

Other fans also pointed out how they loved the character’s dynamic between himself and Doctor Strange, as Wong is a kind of “straight man” but doesn’t hesitate to use his portal powers to dominate Abomination in a Shang-Chi cage fight.

“I absolutely love seeing Wong in a movie,” Reddit user MrAnthem123 wrote. “I love how he’s the responsible one between him and Strange but he’s the one rigging fights lol.”

Could we possibly see Wong show up in some Disney Plus Marvel shows as well? We certainly wouldn’t mind that.

You can catch Wong in all his glory⏤oh, and Peter Parker too⏤when Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters on Dec. 17.