MCU’s X-Men And Fantastic Four Logos May Drop At D23

At Comic-Con last month, we got our first confirmation that Marvel was rebooting the X-Men and the Fantastic Four within the MCU. Kevin Feige didn’t say much, but after the big announcement of Phase 4’s line-up, the studio’s president did briefly mention that new X-Men and FF movies were on the way in Phase 5 and beyond.

Ever since then, it’s been theorized that Marvel would reveal the slate for Phase 5 at D23 next weekend. That still hasn’t been officially confirmed, but a new rumor is going around that backs up this speculation. YouTubers The Lords of the Long Box claim that Marvel will drop the MCU logos for their upcoming X-Men and Fantastic Four revamps during the Expo.

Don’t expect much more than this to be revealed about them, however. We’ve been repeatedly told that it’ll take a while before the Fox properties are folded into the MCU, so it’s too early for anything specific to be unveiled. If this is the case, though, a look at the logos the teams will sport under Marvel Studios should be an exciting hint at what’s to come.

Feige has previously teased that however the franchise tackles mutantkind, they’ll do it in a very different way from the Fox version of the X-Men, much like how the MCU’s take on Spider-Man differs from Sony’s. Likewise, the producer has also promised that their version of the First Family will be a lot better than Fox’s failed attempts (just not in so many words).

But before they launch the brands anew, there’s one last hand-me-down from Fox to take care of. The New Mutants was delayed by its former studio so much that Disney has had to add it to its schedule, with it finally dropping next April. However, reports say the studio’s not impressed with the movie and its release could cause confusion with their hopes to reboot the X-Men. Maybe we’ll get some clarification about TNM at D23 as well? Fingers crossed.