Disney Is Reportedly Unimpressed With The New Mutants

new mutants

Remember The New Mutants, the semi-horror X-Men movie starring up and coming actors from Stranger Things and Game of Thrones that was supposed to be released April of 2018? Don’t worry if you don’t remember, because it sounds like its own studio forgot about it, too. Although, according to a new report, their lapse in memory might be on purpose.

Variety says that a large number of Fox Studio films that were completed before or around the Disney acquisition are receiving no support from those now in charge, with movies like Ad Astra and Dark Phoenix more or less being dumped into theaters just to get them out of the way. In fact, the latter film did so poorly at the box office it’s been directly linked to Disney’s drop in third quarter earnings.

Promoted as the last mainline X-Men film before Marvel Studios takes back the reins, Dark Phoenix was critically reviled, and the studio has just as little hope for The New Mutants spinoff, with Variety saying:

“Disney is optimistic that handing Fox superhero properties such as “Fantastic Four” and “X-Men” to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will improve the quality of these movies, but bumps must be smoothed over in that transition. The studio is unimpressed with “New Mutants,” an “X-Men” spinoff with a haunted-house vibe, and believes it has limited box office potential.”

This New Mutants erasure isn’t exactly surprising. The film, which stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams and Charlie Heaton as mutants trapped within a a secret facility not unlike a psychiatric ward, has been slated for reshoots for the better part of two years. Depending on whom you ask, these reshoots will either heighten the scares or remove them completely, and Disney seems just as befuddled by the property as Fox.

While Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has already revealed the next two years of movies, it sounds like we’ll be getting Disney’s own take on the X-Men somewhere within Phase 5. Until then, we can all look forward to seeing the “limited box office potential” of The New Mutants with our own eyes when the movie finally reaches cinemas on April 3rd, 2020.