Mega Man Movie Reportedly Moving Forwards At 20th Century Fox

Mega Man

Comic book movies may be all the rage these days, but over the next few years, video game adaptations may just end up rivalling them. Pixels was a failure, but with everything from Assassin’s Creed to Splinter Cell and Uncharted in various stages of development, chances are that these much maligned movies will either continue to be terrible or finally reach a turning point.

Another which can now be added to to that ever growing list is Mega Man. According to a new report, 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment have started development on a big screen adaptation of this beloved and massively popular franchise, and while it’s still too early for a writer or director to be attached, this should come as welcome news to fans of the character.

Mega Man was originally released in 1987 for Nintendo and told the story of Dr. Light and the android that he built to be his lab assistant, Rock. The duo were betrayed by the evil Dr. Wily, who stole Dr. Light’s work and made an evil robot with special weapons to take over the world. To stop his foe, Dr. Light reconfigured his lab assistant into a battle droid with armor and a cannon, which he then called Mega Man.

That’s a simple enough story and one which definitely has some big screen potential if handled the right way. It’s clearly still very early days for Mega Man at this stage, but so far, it’s sounding quite promising, don’t you think?