It’s The Megalodon Vs. A Helicopter In This New TV Spot For The Meg


In an era where our biggest blockbusters tell extravagant and intricate stories that span numerous planets and multiple films for the sake of rousing spectacle, there’s something very refreshing about a movie entirely based around the premise of people trying not to be killed by a really massive shark. The shark in question is the prehistoric megalodon, aka The Meg, and it’s the star of what could be this summer’s answer to Sharknado.

As well giving us another look at the 75-foot beast, the latest TV promo teases a face-off between megalodon and helicopter, though it’s no challenge to predict who’s going to win that battle. Mightier than any helicopter though is Jason Statham, who’s playing Jonas Taylor, a deep sea rescuer charged with saving the stranded crew of a research submersible. The clash is personal too, in that Taylor’s crossed paths with the big angry fish before, and now has to face down his fears.

Needless to say, this one’s probably going to be more of a Piranha 3D than a Jaws, but if that sounds like your brand of cheese than the pic might be the guilty pleasure you’ve been waiting for.

As well as Statham, the American-Chinese coproduction features Ruby Rose of Orange is the New Black and John Wick: Chapter 2 fame, and Heroes star Masi Oka, along with Rainn Wilson from The Office, who looks to be on comic relief duty. Directing, meanwhile, is National Treasure helmsman Jon Turteltaub.

Statham has done pretty well in recent years off the back of the Fast & Furious films but with only two more instalments supposedly left in the series, he may be looking for a new franchise to attach himself to. With that in mind, the book that The Meg‘s based on spawned half a dozen sequels, implying that there’s room here for further growth if this first film does well enough when it hits cinemas on August 10th. I mean, if Sharknado can have a trilogy then why not this?