I Melt With You Poster Is Covered With Badasses

Thomas Jane, Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven, and Christian McKay are featured in overly dramatic, somewhat drug-related poses in the poster for their new movie, I Melt With You, directed by Mark Pellington and written by first time screenwriter Glenn Porter.

In the film, the four actors play friends who met in college and reunite every year to get drunk, until on one faithful year, things take a dark turn.

While the poster isn’t entirely original (many are drawing comparisons to Babel), it’s still pretty cool and refreshing, compared to the current poster trend of boring background, boring face, boring tagline.

I would love to see Jeremy Piven in a non-Entourage role that actually exploits his talents, and I would watch Chris Traeger (Robe Lowe) of Parks and Recreation in, “literally,” anything.

Check out the poster below, courtesy of Yahoo.