The Merc Gets Roasted In New Deadpool 2 Deleted Scene


Never underestimate Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her ability to deliver a perfectly-timed roasting.

That’s very much the case in this newly-released deleted scene from Deadpool 2, in which the Merc with a Mouth spends a little time recovering at X-Mansion.

Coming to us by way of IGN, we begin with an exterior shot of Colossus performing star jumps (!) as part of some X-boot camp, before we see Wade Wilson rummaging through the in-house fridge, spewing one-liners and quips as if they’re going out of fashion. It’s at this point that Brianna Hildebrand’s mutant comes into play, and while this scene is funny in parts (“I like to think I’ve rubbed off around you, too”), it’s easy to see why it was ultimately left on the cutting room floor, as it brings Deadpool 2‘s breathless pace screeching to a halt.

Because let’s face it: the pic prides itself on its own unique brand of meta humor, and if you’re wanting to see more of the Merc in action, you’ll be pleased to hear that the sequel’s so-called Super Duper Cut – one that crams in 15 minutes of bonus footage – is now available. Ditto for the Deadpool 2 digital release, with Fox poised to debut the official Blu-ray in two weeks’ time.

And if you’re curious about the Super Duper Cut, we know that it features alternate gags and punchlines while still retaining the same story – think of the Anchorman 2 home video release – resulting in more scenes of Russell Collins (Julian Dennison) and the super-sized Juggernaut, a character who was brought to life by none other than Ryan Reynolds himself in Deadpool 2.