Orion Pictures Eyeing A-List Actor To Voice Chucky In Child’s Play Reboot


The upcoming Child’s Play reboot has found itself facing some heavy backlash over the past few months, with much of the hostility stemming from the fact that franchise creator Don Mancini is already set to continue in the original continuity of the series with a TV show he’s working on.

Of course, Mancini himself has already made his thoughts on the new Child’s Play very clear via social media, and in the wake of the first trailer dropping a few weeks back, franchise star Jennifer Tilly also shared her own less-than-ecstatic response. It remains to be seen whether the reboot can ultimately win over Mancini, Tilly and the fans, but one thing it absolutely has to nail is Chucky himself.

You see, despite being the main villain, the new version of the killer doll has been kept mostly under wraps. The trailer only gave us fleeting glimpses of him, without ever letting him speak a single line. In fact, we still don’t know who’ll be replacing Brad Dourif on voice duties, but a new report says that Orion Pictures is eyeing an A-list actor for the job. We’re unsure if it’s a child or adult actor, but word has it that they’re aiming high.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any further details on who they may have their eye on, but it’s hard to imagine anyone ever measuring up to what Dourif did with the role and you can bet that whoever Orion chooses will be under heavy scrutiny from the fans. In other words, we don’t envy them.

Then again, the reboot has already done well with the cast it’s assembled, boasting talent like Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry. But regardless of whether Child’s Play can shake off the controversy swirling around it, one thing you can be sure of is that the film will be heading into cinemas on June 21st, 2019.