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Michael B. Jordan Reveals Which Version Of Superman He’d Like To Play

Via SuperSoul Conversation, Michael B. Jordan spoke to Oprah Winfrey about which version of Superman he'd like to play on the big screen.

Michael B. Jordan Superman

As the whole ‘will he/won’t he’ saga rumbles on, and the Internet continues to raise serious question marks over Henry Cavill’s DC future – or lack thereof – a new candidate has emerged for the role of Clark Kent.

His name? Michael B. Jordan, the prolific star of Creed and Marvel’s Black Panther. The actor has already addressed the possibility of succeeding Cavill in the coveted role of Superman, though Warner Bros. is yet to announce anything official. But that’s in no way stemmed the tide of speculation, as Jordan recently spoke to Oprah Winfrey about which Man of Steel he’d like to play. And no, it’s not Clark Kent.

Via SuperSoul Conversation, here’s what the actor had to share:

It’s tough. I hate being a business man and understanding both sides of the situation. There is a huge upside to it. But being under that microscope, being picked apart and being compared to so many different versions of Superman. I would rather do something original. It’s cool…I’ll be Calvin Ellis. There is another Superman from earth 23… I’m a comic book guy. Calvin Ellis is earth 23’s Superman. There’s a another version of Superman in another dimension that is black already in the comic books… that exists. I think the comic book purists would accept that more then me being Clark Kent from Kansas.

Suffice it to say, Michael B. Jordan has clearly given some thought to playing the role of Supes, even if it means a shift in gears as far as Warner Bros. is concerned. The studio has so far built its live-action Superman around the character of Clark Kent, so they’ll need to realign (and potentially reboot) their Man of Steel movies if such a deal falls into place. And Jordan? He’s clearly well versed in comic book lore, as evidenced by his big-screen appearances across Black Panther and the ill-fated Fantastic Four.

Is the celebrated actor about to make it three for three? We’ll find out soon once Warner Bros. is primed and ready to announce its next Superman project.

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