Michael Bay’s Lobo Film Is Still In Development

Lobo DC Comics

It’s been a red letter day for Lobo. First came the announcement that SYFY is developing a Krypton spinoff about the Main Man. Hot on the heels of Emmet K. Scanlon’s appearance in the show, the network has vowed to do everything they can to bring the further adventures of the “foul-mouthed, dangerous, irascible, intergalactic bounty hunter” to the small screen. But that’s not all, as we’re also hearing that the long-in-development Lobo feature film might have moved back into development at Warner Bros.

The hint comes via The Hollywood Reporter, who mention that with the spinoff in the works, Warner Bros “is eyeing the big-bad for a feature film” and is “developing Lobo as a possible directing vehicle for Michael Bay.” This tallies with a story we reported on way back in February 2018, in which we learned that Bay had been working with Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs on the project.

It’s been radio silence since then, leading most to assume the pic was on ice. But, perhaps influenced by the runaway success of the broadly similar Deadpool franchise, Warner Bros seem eager to light the touch-paper on Lobo.

If this project does hit theaters, it’ll be a long time coming. There’s been a Lobo film in the works for about a decade now. The first promising creative team came in 2009 when Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman were attached to produce a live-action Guy Ritchie movie. Due to the success of his Sherlock Holmes films though, that never panned out. The next attempt then came courtesy of San Andreas’ Brad Peyton, who was lining up Dwayne Johnson in the lead role. Once again, the project hit the skids.

But hey, third time’s the charm, right? Let’s hope that the stars finally align and we can see everyone’s favorite butt-kickin’, cigar-chewin’, last of the Czarnians on the big screen delivering some high octane Bayhem.