Syfy Developing Krypton Spinoff Series Based On DC’s Lobo


For months, Syfy has been building up to June 12th as the premiere of Krypton season 2. And while that’s still very much the case, the network today took the opportunity to announce plans to develop a spinoff series based on Lobo, the “foul-mouthed, dangerous, irascible, intergalactic bounty hunter.”

Keen to strike while the iron is still piping hot, Syfy and NBCUniversal merely confirmed their intentions to launch a Lobo offshoot. It’s therefore unclear whether Emmett J. Scanlan (The Fall, Krypton) will reprise his role in the potential spinoff, or if the Powers That Be will cast someone else entirely.

What we do know for certain is that Krypton executive producer Cameron Welsh will serve as Lobo‘s executive producer and writer, which is reassuring in and of itself as Welsh knows a thing or two about Scanlan’s interpretation of the cult character, and presumably how he’ll stand on his own two feet.

And while there are still many more hurdles to overcome, today’s announcement that Syfy is actively developing a live-action Lobo series is vindication for those diehard DC fans who have been crying out for something – anything – that features the galaxy’s coolest bounty hunter (no offense, Boba Fett) in a starring role.

Krypton season 2 is all well and good, but providing this spinoff series goes ahead, it’ll give Lobo the platform he deserves. Besides, he’s basically on the same level as Deadpool when it comes to profanity and sheer irreverence, and we all know how well the Merc With a Mouth performed when he was eventually given the opportunity to spread his wings. Or katanas, whatever works.

So rest assured, a Lobo series is very much on the cards at Syfy – you know, after the network delivers the season 2 premiere of Krypton later this evening.

Source: Deadline

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