Michael Bay Reportedly Eyed To Direct New A-Team Movie

The A-Team

Make no mistake about it, The A-Team will be back on our screens eventually given the name value of the property and the potential it still holds when it comes to either an episodic or feature-length reboot. The premise is simple yet wide open for interpretation, and as long as it retains the spirit of the beloved 1980s series, then it’s more than capable of being reinvented as an action-packed modern adventure.

Joe Carnahan’s 2010 version may have failed to ignite at the box office and saw any plans for a franchise nixed at the first hurdle, and a small screen update was announced in 2015 before quickly falling victim to the clutches of development hell, but there’s been a lot of chatter recently about The A-Team making a comeback.

The A-Team

Admittedly, the talk has come entirely from insider Daniel Richtman over the last two weeks, with the latest from the tipster offering that Michael Bay is being eyed for the director’s chair. Richtman previously reported that Will Smith was being considered for an unspecified role that we assumed would be John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, and also said that the film would look to draw inspiration from the Fast & Furious franchise, and Bay certainly knows his way around high-octane pyrotechnics. Not to mention he’s worked with Smith on the first two Bad Boys movies as well.

As things stand, The A-Team hasn’t been officially announced by rights holders Disney, but there are definitely worse ways to reboot the classic TV show than having Michael Bay direct Will Smith in a spectacle-driven big budget epic heavily indebted to the increasingly ludicrous adventures embarked on by Dominic Toretto and his extended Fast & Furious family.