Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Star Says He’d Love To Do A Sequel

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Though it bombed at the box office and prospects of an immediate sequel were dashed, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has retained a cult following, with its hyper-stylized blend of comic book visuals and pop culture references proving popular with an audience that missed it the first time round. Thus, for a film that didn’t make any money, interest in it remains unusually high.

With the 10 year anniversary of its release approaching, Michael Cera was asked in a recent interview with whether he’d be interested in returning for a Scott Pilgrim 2 – if it ever got made – and here’s what he shared:

“For me, that ‘well’ would just mean being around that group again. It was such a great group. Fortunately, we all do get together and it really was like a great band or something and we all loved being around each other and that happens, obviously, less and less, but when the movie was coming out and even a few years after that, we were all hanging out quite a lot.”

Cera went on to say the following of the prospect of a 10th anniversary reunion:

Bill Pope, who’s the cinematographer, was doing brunches quite regularly with his wife Sharon. It really felt like an extended family. It’s 10 years later, so obviously life, for everybody, is doing their own thing. I would love, if it meant getting everyone to hang out for a while again, I would love that. Hopefully, this being the 10th anniversary, it will give us some excuse to get together.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Well, Pilgrimites, your leading man sounds as up for it as ever, admittedly with strings attached. Cera acknowledged in the interview how different the landscape for the cast is 10 years down the line, with then relative unknowns Chris Evans and Brie Larson going on to become Hollywood A-listers through their roles in Marvel blockbusters. How viable Scott Pilgrim 2 would be given those changes is difficult to say. Still, stranger things have happened. If a hundred-million dollar sequel to a cult 80s sci-fi flop is possible (and it was brilliant), a less-than hundred-million dollar sequel to a cult noughties comic book flop is possible, too.

Anyways, leave a comment if you’d be excited to see a reunion for Scott Pilgrim’s 10th birthday. I took this article on because I recently – after exhaustive and concerted lobbying from a friend – watched it for the first time. It was pretty good, if half an hour too long. The jokes about Stephen Stills and Neil Young were worth my time, and I think it’s still on Netflix if you’re running out of lockdown activities to distract yourself with. I think I might be.