Michael Giacchino To Reteam With Brad Bird For The Incredibles 2

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Having collaborated with the director on every movie since the release of The Incredibles more than a decade ago, composer Michael Giacchino has become something of a good luck charm for Brad Bird, and he recently took to Twitter to reveal that, yes, the musical maestro would be joining him for Pixar’s long-awaited sequel, The Incredibles 2.

Still more than three years from release, The Incredibles 2 is gradually beginning to rein in the necessary talent, with Bird instated at the helm and now Michael Giacchino on board to orchestrate the sequel’s score. Heck, you can even check out a holiday-themed clip of Giacchino singing thanks to Bird’s Twitter post.

Bird and Giacchino’s most recent project, Tomorrowland, marks only one of the films cramming up the composer’s ever-growing résumé, with credits on Inside Out, Jurassic World, Disney Animation’s Zootopia, Star Trek Beyond, Cars 3, and War for the Planet of the Apes. Now, he can add Bird’s sequel to that stellar line-up.

Set to release in 2019, The Incredibles 2 will set foot on a completely different landscape than its predecessor. With Marvel and DC occupying vast swathes of the cinematic calendar, the superhero genre is a different beast altogether than its mooted counterpart of 2004. By that stage, moviegoers will face an embarrassment of riches, with up to five or even six superhero films releasing every year. Couple this with the fact that The Incredibles 2 will land no less than 15 years after the original and it’s clear that Brad Bird is left facing a very big undertaking indeed.

The Incredibles 2 will welcome a family reunion when Bird’s sequel makes a dash for theaters on June 21, 2019.