Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Now In Talks To Lead Scarface Reboot


After almost a decade trapped in development hell, the latest Scarface remake is finally gathering momentum. Suspiria and Call Me by Your Name director Luca Guadagnino has been on board since May after David Yates, Antoine Fuqua and David Ayer all attempted to get the project off the ground and follow in the footsteps of Howard Hawks’ 1932 original and Brian De Palma’s 1983 classic, which turned Al Pacino’s Tony Montana into a staple of dorm room walls around the world.

During the earlier iterations of Scarface, Rogue One‘s Diego Luna was attached to the lead role, but several months ago, reports were making the rounds that Michael B. Jordan was being eyed to headline another modern day update of the tale, which will presumably adopt the same narrative path as the previous two movies and offer a twisted parable on the American Dream, with Guadagnino already admitting that he wants to tell a story that’s as timely as possible.


Now, insider Daniel Richtman claims that the Black Panther star is in talks for the lead role, but doesn’t offer any further details. The 33 year-old has a relatively clear schedule at the moment, though, with action thriller Without Remorse already in the can and heading straight to Amazon at some point next year, while he’ll voice Killmonger in an upcoming episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s animated What If…? and produce DC comic book adaptation Static Shock.

Of course, people will roll their eyes and say we don’t need a Scarface remake, but there were many saying the exact same thing when De Palma’s version was first announced, and we all know how that turned out. Not to mention that the combined forces of Guadagnino and Jordan could be perfectly suited for the material.

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