Michael Keaton’s Batsuit seen in leaked set photos from ‘Batgirl’

michael keaton batman
Image via Guber-Peters Company

The return of Michael Keaton to the role of Batman is getting even more tangible, following leaked set photos of his stunt double in suit from the Batgirl set.

Michael Keaton’s return to one of his most famous roles in pop culture has been a major talking point ahead of Batgirl. Now we’ve got our first look at his Batsuit from on-set photos, with Keaton’s stunt double standing alongside J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon.

The suit looks like it hasn’t aged a day since 1989 and will undoubtedly generate excitement for fans. Keaton has signed on for Batgirl and the upcoming The Flash movie, which is believed to be following the Flashpoint Paradox comics story.

The gambit of returning actors and multiverse shenanigans has been a new ploy by studios in recent years as they look to cash in on nostalgia. Spider-Man: No Way Home perfectly tapped into this, and it looks like Warner Bros. and DC are about to reap the benefits as well.

Batgirl is set to release on HBO Max at some point this year.