Michael Moore’s New War-Themed Documentary Where To Invade Next Debuts First Trailer


Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine director Michael Moore returns to the genre of hard-pressing documentaries later this year with Where to Invade Next, and today, Dog Eat Dog Films has rolled out the first full-length trailer.

Bearing an R rating despite the director’s protests, Moore’s latest feature is designed as a send up to U.S. foreign policy, the country’s economic woes, and its history with sovereign nations across the globe. Releasing six years after the filmmaker’s Capitalism: A Love Story, Where to Invade Next is in many ways a spiritual successor to the financial documentary, shedding light on the ramifications of the economic meltdown of the late-2000s.

Of course, your excitement for the Moore’s latest will largely hinge on your tolerance of the director’s approach, and how he portrays some of the more pressing issues of our time using a particular lens. Divisive though he may be, Michael Moore’s catalogue of documentaries is a fascinating body of work in its own right, and Where to Invade Next looks set to open up a whole new discussion on another American preoccupation.

Where to Invade Next will make its bow across New York and Los Angeles on December 23, before expanding to theaters nationwide on January 23, 2016. For now, you can get the lowdown on Moore’s latest provocative piece via our capsule review from TIFF 2015 earlier in the year.