Michael Shannon Likens His Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Role To Kryptonian Spirit


Aside from maybe Scoot McNairy, the general consensus appears to be that the Internet has sifted through the footage, images and featurettes and garnered a fair picture of every character and their role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. That’s not to say every secret has spilled online – certainly not. But there’s no question that fans naturally have a better understanding of the set-up within Zack Snyder’s tentpole as we edge closer and closer to its hotly-anticipated release.

But one character that has piqued our attention – not lest because of the comments Michael Shannon has made in the past – is that of General Zod and how he filters into Snyder’s superhero face-off. After snapping his neck in Man of Steel, could we really be seeing the return of the infamous villain in Dawn of Justice? Shannon certainly thinks so – but not as you might think.


While speaking with Cinema Blend, the actor touched based on the inclusion of General Zod in the Herculean sequel, even likening his appearance to that of Russell Crowe’s in Man of Steel – that is, a Kryptonian sprite that lingers in Superman’s subconscious.

“Yeah, I say some stuff. But not a whole lot! I mean, I am dead. [Laughs] … I’m just like a ghost. It’s kind of like Russell Crowe in the first one. Jor-El. For some reason, these Kryptonian spirits, they linger. Even once you crack my neck, you can’t shut me up.”

Could this be another bait-and-switch by Shannon? With a full 5 months still to go before the release of Batman V Superman, it’s too early to draw any conclusions. Fans have speculated that his role in the sequel will seed the creation of Doomsday one way or another, with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor playing an instrumental role in birthing the supervillian.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will welcome the arrival of the DC Expanded Universe when it touches down in theaters on March 25, 2016.