Michael Sheen Reportedly Cast In Pixar Sequel Finding Dory



Upon appearing on Doug Benson’s comedy podcast Doug Loves Movies, Michael Sheen may have let the catfish out of the bag by revealing that he’ll feature in Pixar’s upcoming sequel, Finding Dory.

Due to hit theatres in July, the Welsh thesp didn’t disclose which character – or should we say aquatic animal – he’ll be voicing in Andrew Stanton’s follow-up, with his simple quote from the podcast being: “Finding Nemo 2 should be coming out at some point… which I’m in.”

No word yet from Disney and/or Pixar to confirm Sheen’s place among the cast, though now that his involvement is all but out in the open, an official announcement should be imminent. Mind you, given that he referred to Stanton’s sequel as Finding Nemo 2, don’t hold your breath for it being a major part.

Either way, that’ll have the Masters of Sex star join the likes of Albert Brooks, Diane Keaton, Willem Dafoe, Dominic West, Ed O’Neill, Eugene Levy, Idris Elba and Ellen DeGeneres for Finding Dory, with the latter reprising her beloved role as the forgetful explorer. Despite releasing almost 13 years after the original, Pixar’s follow-up takes place only six months after Dory and Marlin’s (Albert Brooks) exhaustive search to retrieve Nemo. But now that the wayward clownfish is back home, all appears to be well for those living under the sea; until Dory takes a notion to venture forth on a journey to find her parents, that is.

Swimming all the way into theaters this summer, Finding Dory is due to open on July 29. Michael Sheen, meanwhile, will next be seen as the elusive White Rabbit is Disney’s quasi-prequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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