Michelle Pfeiffer Keeps Her Batman Returns Catwoman Whip In Her Closet


Batman Returns is a strange but memorable movie. The Caped Crusader’s face-off with Danny DeVito’s weird mutant Penguin isn’t among the best Bat-films, but it certainly sticks in the brain due to its onslaught of surreal images and as a bonus, it’s also a Christmas flick! But by far the most iconic element is Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman.

Clad in a figure-hitting S&M influenced latex black catsuit with white stitching, the character is extremely kinky (which famously made McDonald’s uncomfortable when putting her on a Happy Meal box). Adding to the dominatrix-chic look is her trademark bullwhip, which Pfeiffer took extensive martial arts lessons prior to filming in order to learn how to wield effectively. Now, it seems she’s not letting that knowledge go to waste as she’s revealed that she keeps it on hand at all times.

In an interview with Pfeiffer for Ladies First, her whip skills were brought up in conversation and she went to the closet and got it out (to the visible surprise of the host). After a few attempts to crack it, the actress concluded that she’s out of practice and that she’s in danger of drawing blood by whipping herself.

This might be a big hint that the stories about her reprising the role alongside Michael Keaton in The Flash are true. We know he’ll be playing an older Bruce Wayne who’s likely to have gotten married to Selina Kyle (as was hinted at in The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event) and while I doubt the 62-year-old is eager to climb back into that skintight catsuit, even an older Catwoman would still be very dangerous with the whip.

If you haven’t seen Pfeiffer’s performance in Batman Returns, I urge you to rectify that. I mean, she puts a live bird in her mouth and lets it fly out! What more could you want from her?