Michelle Rodriguez Back For Fast And Furious 6 & Machete Kills

Variety has confirmed what everyone expected after watching the last scene in Fast Five, Michelle Rodriguez will indeed return for the sixth installment of the franchise.

Though Rodriguez’s character Letty was meant to be killed in the fourth film, it was revealed at the end of the fifth film via a cameo by Eva Mendes, who may also return for Fast and Furious 6, that her character was still alive and pulling heist jobs in Europe, where the sixth film is set.

This news comes just after we revealed yesterday that the Huffington Post reported that Rihanna had been cast as a villain in the film, though according to The Playlist her reps’ wouldn’t comment either way on her casting.

I’ve got to admit, though the Fast And Furious franchise will almost certainly never win any Oscars, they pretty much are the pinnacle of action films and are always fun to watch. The sixth installment is putting together a pretty colorful cast and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

Speaking of action films, we have some more news today on Machete Kills. Variety is telling us that Rodriguez will be reprising the role of Luz in the upcoming sequel, which was expected but still nice to hear confirmed.

Machete Kills begins production this month in Texas and Fast And Furious 6 will begin production in Europe in June.