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Michelle Yeoh, Stanley Tucci and more join the Russo brothers’ Netflix sci-fi ‘The Electric State’

Millie Bobby Brown and Chris Pratt will lead the sci-fi epic.

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Joe and Anthony Russo have gotten into the Netflix business in a huge way, with The Gray Man closing in on the platform’s all-time Top 5 in terms of cumulative hours watched by subscribers.

Not only does the blockbuster spy adventure have both a sequel and a spinoff in active development, but the sibling duo’s AGBO is also in the midst of turning Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction into a sprawling cinematic universe. To top it all off, Millie Bobby Brown will headline sci-fi adventure The Electric State, and a stacked cast has now been put into place.

As per Deadline, joining the Stranger Things star in the ensemble are a cavalcade of heavy hitters that includes Michelle Yeoh, Stanley Tucci, Jason Alexander, Brian Cox, and Jenny Slate, which is quite the roster of talent. Shooting on the $200 million epic is set to begin in a matter of months, with Chris Pratt also in line to appear.

The story follows Brown’s orphaned teenager as she travels across the remains of the American West with a robotic companion and an offbeat drifter to hunt for her younger brother. The Gray Man has done huge numbers, but reviews from critics were lukewarm, while fans have already voiced their skepticism over Netflix’s latest massive investment.

However, that’s one hell of a cast The Electric State has assembled so far, and with Brown and Pratt leading the line, there’s not really going to be any other outcome besides another monstrous success for the streaming service.

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