Mike Flanagan Wants To Make A Star Wars Horror Film And We’re Here For It

Something exciting is shaking around horror auteur Mike Flanagan’s head lately ever since an earthquake apparently caused the acclaimed writer-director to aim his proverbial lens at the Star Wars universe. Check out the tweet for yourself, below:

We, for one, would love to see this happen, as Flanagan’s exception filmography in movies and shows like Oculus, Gerald’s Game, and Midnight Mass.

What’s more, now may be the perfect time for Star Wars to delve into the full-blown horror genre for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, the most recent cinematic outing for Star Wars was the very mixed-received sequel trilogy, which oscillated wildly between doing too much fan service (Rise of Skywalker) and throwing out past traditions completely (The Last Jedi). Perhaps what the franchise needs is switching up the genre to breathe new life into the films.

In addition, it seems the galaxy far far away has already dipped its toes in the realm of horror, somewhat, with the Disney Plus special Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales.

And if that’s not enough evidence to convince you we need a Flanagan-helmed Star Wars horror film, consider the fact that fellow Disney franchise Marvel will reportedly go the horror route for the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

However, the crown jewel of why we think this idea should get greenlit is Flanagan’s nearly spotless track record of transcending horror subgenres even as he reinvents them.

Would you like to see a Flanagan-helmed Star Wars horror film? Leave it in the comments below.