The Millennium Falcon May Be Getting An Update In Star Wars: Episode IX

Daisy Ridley In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Not only is the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX going to serve as the franchise swan song for several series regulars, but it may also be the last time we see the Millennium Falcon in theaters, in which case, it sounds like Han Solo’s old ship is getting at least one more upgrade before it bows out of the saga.

According to a new report from Fantha Tracks, the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy will be acquiring a new sensor dish in this year’s release. While it’s easy to miss, the previous version was destroyed at the end of The Last Jedi, though if what we’re hearing is true about a one-year time jump, then the team should have plenty of time to make the appropriate repair. In any case, it’s said that the latest dish will be a six-sided design that features in the same location as the last version, and to give you an idea of how it might look, the site has even created a visual mock up based on the info they’ve been given.

Assuming this is all correct, it’s hardly the most important of revelations, but with the Falcon exhibiting an array of different dishes throughout the saga, is nice to think that this mini-arc may continue.

Incidentally, the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park expansion which opens later this year features a Millennium Falcon ride where the canonical backstory is that the ship was left with a character named Hondo Ohnaka to carry out repairs after the events of The Last Jedi. While you’d think that this would be the perfect opportunity to debut the new dish, drone pics indicate that the ride will be going with the design that got destroyed in the last movie. Perhaps we can chalk that up to a minor oversight, but either way, we’ll likely see the updated Falcon in action when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.