Despicable Me Minions To Get Spin-Off Feature Film


Those adorable little mischief makers introduced as Minions in Despicable Me just can’t be stopped these days.  Amassing wide-spread appeal seemingly overnight, the sidekicks were rewarded with numerous short films and their own 4-D ride at Universal Studios Florida.  Much like the Penguins from Madagascar, people ate up their animated charm and slapstick brand comedy.  But what’s next for our hilarious yellow friends?

/Film is reporting that Gru’s beloved henchmen will be starring in their very own feature film, written by Brian Lynch and co-directed by current Minion voice actors Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda.

But fear not Minion lovers, you won’t have to wait until 2014 to grant your fix of silly gibberish!  On July 3rd, 2013, Gru goes back to work fighting a new evil voiced by Al Pacino when Despicable Me 2 hits theaters.

More importantly for our overall-wearing goofballs though, the sequel will introduce new characters and plot points that we can surely expect to see return for Coffin and Balda’s spin-off.

Lynch’s Minion focused script will detail “the antics of the yellow fellows as they interact with human characters,” which sounds like a recipe for success to me.

C’mon, you can’t deny the child inside each one of us is giddy with joy at this fantastic news.  Gru’s Minions were a major contributor considering Despicable Me‘s success, eliciting bouts of hysterical laughter even from this hardened horror veteran.

What do you think of a feature film based on only originally supporting characters?  Can the pint-sized stars carry the screen themselves?

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