Mischief Managed: J.K. Rowling Shuts Down Rumors Of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Trilogy


J.K. Rowling, screenwriter on Warner’s Fantastic Beasts and the creative mastermind behind the Harry Potter saga, has taken to Twitter to effectively shut down rumors of a potential trilogy of movies based on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Ever since Warner Bros. announced a whopping five movies rooted in the Fantastic Beasts universe, speculation has been rife that the studio is eager to bring back much of the original cast – Daniel Radcliffe included – to explore the story of the Cursed Child on the silver screen. That seeded a conversation on the Unofficial Universal Orlando podcast claiming that Warner Bros. brass was in the process of meeting with Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Beauty and the Beast‘s Emma Watson about the possibility of renewing their Harry Potter contracts.

Jim Hill was quoted on the podcast as so: “They [Warner Bros.] not only have Potter, they have Fantastic Beasts and, supposedly, if you drill down into the language of the deal, they also have – when they’re finally made – the trilogy of movies that will be based on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

Eager to nip this one on the bud, Rowling took to Twitter earlier today to essentially set the record straight, confirming that there is “no truth” to the purported Cursed Child trilogy.

So, there you have it; despite a preemptive flurry of excitement online, there are currently no movie plans for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Fantastic Beasts, meanwhile, continues its run when David Yates’ sequel roars into theaters in November of 2018.