Mission: Impossible 6 Prep Halted As Paramount Looks To Sort Deals With Tom Cruise And More


The success of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation meant that Paramount Picture didn’t hesitate to confirm that Mission: Impossible 6 is in the works, but Deadline reports that pre-production has now been halted as the studio looks to sort out salary issues with Tom Cruise and some of the movie’s other producers.

As many as twenty people have been working on the movie in London after writer and director Christopher McQuarrie laid out Mission: Impossible 6‘s main beats alongside Cruise, while the former has already started penning the screenplay. Those hired had already started early work on visual effects before being told to stop work.

The trade mentions that Paramount is hoping Cruise and some of the movie’s other producers will trim their fees, though they’ve also heard that the actor is hoping for a raise rather than the same amount he made for the previous instalment.

While it may seem concerning that production has been halted on Mission: Impossible 6, production isn’t set to officially begin until January, and this is one of those things which will inevitably be worked out before too much time passes. After all, there’s no way that Paramount moves forward without Cruise or scraps the movie over a few extra million dollars for the actor.

Source: Deadline