Mission: Impossible 8 Director Teases Possible Henry Cavill Return

henry cavill mission impossible

That man Henry Cavill has been all over the news today after giving a wide-ranging interview that covered almost every aspect of his life and career. It’s been a wild ride to say the least for the actor, and there are still much bigger and better things to come in his future.

One of Cavill’s most notable gigs came in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, because taking second billing behind Tom Cruise in a blockbuster action movie that ended up turning out as one of the 21st century’s finest espionage epics isn’t a bad return at all, especially when he became a meme from the second he reloaded his arms in the trailer.

Mission: Impossible 7 has finally wrapped shooting after a torturous production, but director Christopher McQuarrie still has an eighth to get in the can after the pair were originally designed to shoot back-to-back before the Covid-19 pandemic came along and ruined those plans.

As part of that wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter mentioned earlier, the writer/director teased a potential return for August Walker in the eighth installment, even though it would involve either flashbacks or resurrection.

“I’m in the process of rewriting Mission: 8 right now, this afternoon I could turn a page and any actor from the past could come back. There is no such thing as death in movies, only unavailability.”

This being Mission: Impossible, realistically there’s no reason why Cruise’s Ethan Hunt couldn’t use one of the franchise’s signature masks to impersonate Walker and convince others that he didn’t take a hook through the face, but we’re really just spitballing in that regard. It’d be cool, though.