Mission: Impossible – Fallout Director Addresses Justice League’s Moustache-Gate


With San Diego Comic-Con fast approaching, and Warner Bros. expected to make a big splash at the “largest convention of its kind in the world,” an announcement confirming the long-delayed sequel to Man of Steel could be imminent. However, with Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie no longer keen on helming Man of Steel 2, the flick could find itself back in production limbo.

Given his experience during an impassioned Twitter debate the other day, in which he leapt to defend fellow filmmaker Rian Johnson – who’s been the recipient of unabashed fandom hate following the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi – McQuarrie unofficially tendered his resignation from the laundry list of directors eager to helm Supes’ second solo feature. Although, this isn’t the first time he’s witnessed fan entitlement firsthand.

By now, I’m sure you’re all aware of the moustache that sent the web into a tizzy. If not, here’s a refresher. Henry Cavill had grown facial hair for his role in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, facial hair he was stipulated to keep, and Paramount was unwilling to part with. As such, WB was forced to remove Cavill’s moustache artificially for Justice League reshoots, resulting in a digitally distorted Superman.

Well, for the first time, McQuarrie has addressed moustache-gate on his official Twitter account, saying that he’ll talk about it in, what we can only assume will be, much more detail with Chris Hewitt on the Empire Magazine Spoiler Podcast, before stating: “We made every effort to accommodate JL without negatively impactions our movie. There was nothing we could do.”

Speaking of Justice League, it’s looking less and less likely that the fabled Snyder cut will be rolled out at SDCC later this month. Which, judging by the film’s atrocious theatrical run and average Tomatometer score, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.