Next MonsterVerse Movie Might Be Titled Son Of Kong


You might’ve thought that last month’s Godzilla vs. Kong marked the culmination of Legendary’s MonsterVerse, but its unexpected international success has reportedly caused the studio to start thinking about ways to continue the franchise. Where do you go next after having King Kong and Godzilla come to blows, though? Well, why not introduce a new generation of Titans? Yes, we might be getting a Son of Kong movie.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Legendary is in talks with GvK director Adam Wingard for him to helm one more entry in the MonsterVerse. It sounds like this project is still in the earliest stages of development, but THR notes that “one possible title being floated internally” is Son of Kong.

Of course, those who know their Kong history will be aware that there already exists a movie with this title, as the original 1933 King Kong spawned a sequel of that name that released just nine months later the same year. It sees Carl Denham, the director from the first film, return to Skull Island and discover the existence of a sweet-natured giant albino gorilla dubbed Little Kong.

1933’s Son of Kong is not a great movie and was just a hastily made attempt to cash in on the first one’s popularity, but there may be the potential to produce a much better modern take on it. As for how Kong could have a child, the film would likely have to address there being a Bride of Kong out there, too, and explore Kong discovering that he’s not the only one of his kind. And if they do go ahead with this concept, that leaves the door open for the Son of Godzilla character – introduced into the Toho universe in 1967 – to make an appearance as well.

As of yet, though, this seems to be just an idea that Legendary is knocking around. It probably won’t gain much steam for the moment, either, as Wingard has a lot on his plate, making Thundercats for Warner Bros. and the Face/Off sequel for Paramount. But, nevertheless, it seems we haven’t seen the last of the MonsterVerse yet.