Godzilla Vs. Kong Director In Talks To Helm New MonsterVerse Movie

Godzilla vs. Kong

If the box office performance of Godzilla vs. Kong wasn’t enough to show you that folks are still more than interested in the MonsterVerse, then the impressive HBO Max numbers and subsequent trending of #ContinueTheMonsterVerse on social media will no doubt have hammered the point home for both Warner Bros. and Legendary.

Indeed, director Adam Wingard’s crossover continues to set new commercial standards for the COVID-19 era, and there’s plenty of mileage left in the property, even despite the fact that Godzilla and Kong demolished the majority of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings while also dealing with the threat of both Mechagodzilla and the Apex Corporation.

Where things will go from here isn’t entirely clear just yet, but The Hollywood Reporter brings word today that another MonsterVerse movie is now in development. And even better is that Wingard is in talks to direct it.

THR says that it’s still early, early days for the project and no writer is attached right now. However, they do note that one title for it that’s been mentioned internally is Son of Kong, which may give us at least a bit of an idea of what to expect from the next chapter in the MonsterVerse.

After all, Wingard has already mentioned that he’s keen to dive back into Hollow Earth, which we visited in Godzilla vs. Kong, and while it’s too soon to say that we’ll indeed be returning there, we also wouldn’t rule it out. Beyond that, it’s hard to know what Warner Bros. and Legendary might be cooking up here for us, but the fact that we’re getting another MonsterVerse movie can only be a good thing, right?