‘Moon Knight’ star can’t wait for the X-Men’s MCU debut

x-men first class

Even though we don’t have a clue when the X-Men are going to make their official debut as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the ball could begin to start rolling in a few short weeks.

Having spent an entire weekend denying his involvement in the wake of the Super Bowl trailer, Patrick Stewart eventually confirmed that he’d be back as Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where it would appear that he’s heading up the Illuminati.

While that’s no guarantee that his merry band of mutants will be following close behind, a star of the MCU’s latest project is still hyped that the X-Men are on the way. Speaking to Variety at the red carpet premiere of Moon Knight, Rey Lucas admitted that he can’t wait to see the former Fox residents back on our screens.

“That’s what I love about Marvel. They’re always introducing new characters and finding different ways to tell the story, and even the same characters have new elements of them developed and introduced, so it was really exciting for me personally. I grew up a big fan of the comic books. Not as much Moon Knight. I was pretty X-Men. Uncanny X-Men. But, uh, not to play favorites. I’m glad they’re bringing them over, finally.”

Coincidentally, Moon Knight‘s leading man Oscar Isaac has history with the X-Men on film, but we can all agree that his turn caked under the prosthetics of Apocalypse left a lot to be desired. We’ve already seen the team in 13 movies, but if anyone can successfully reboot the property, it’s Kevin Feige.

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