Oscar Isaac reveals Apocalypse was one of his favorite characters before his miserable experience

X-Men: Apocalypse

Actor Oscar Isaac will be opening Moon Knight on Disney Plus at the end of this month, and as part of promotion for this Marvel Cinematic Universe show, the Star Wars veteran revealed the Apocalypse mutant was a favorite character.

“I was really into Apocalypse because I grew up in a very religious household [where] all they’d talk about was the end of the world, the actual apocalypse. So for me, that there was a comic-book character that was the villain that symbolized the apocalypse, the four horsemen and all that, it just freaked me out, so I was really attracted to him.”

The star made the comments when speaking with Fandom as part of Moon Knight’s promotional tour yesterday. The piece mentioned that Isaac previously characterized his experience playing Apocalypse in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse as “excruciating” due to difficulties with the costume. Isaac also mentioned in the interview that he wanted to be Wolverine as a child, due to the short stature the pair share, and that he was approached to join the MCU in the past, but it did not click.

“We had some conversations before and it was just never the right thing.”

The 43-year-old seems to have found his home now. Moon Knight, mainly directed by Mohamed Diab, will run for six episodes. Beyond that, nothing is certain, though co-star Ethan Hawke has said there is potential for more later on. Though, this should not be a problem; as we reported, the first reviews for the piece have been overwhelmingly good.