The early ‘Moon Knight’ reviews are overwhelmingly positive

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Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight series looks to be another hit for Disney Plus, according to the first critic reviews.

The series, which will debut Moon Knight into the MCU, looks to have captured a unique tone and the hearts of reviewers. Sab Astely of Collider wrote the show was a “brilliantly bonkers globe-trotting adventure,” calling it “Marvel’s trippy National Treasure”. The review also gave huge praise to the series star Oscar Isaac, calling him the MCU’s best addition Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.

Many of the early reactions similarly praise the ability for the show to blend aspects of adventure, action, horror, and humor. Future of the Force’s Thomas Storai calls the series “a psychological thriller with a touch of Indiana Jones”. The BBC loved the series as well, with their film critic Ashanti Omkar declaring Isaac’s performance as “a revelation”.

Alongside this praise, some shared small grievances. DigitalSpy’s David Opie shared that while there are “flashes of greatness” some of the attempted humor detracts from the horror. Zavvi’s head of editorial, Emily Murray, also said the show’s opening was “not as bonkers as I hoped for,” although that might change in a future episode.

Overall reactions are positive which is a great sign for fans who are eager to check the series out when it debuts later this month. Moon Knight will kick off Marvel’s stint of TV series for 2022 with Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk to follow.

For those who are eagerly awaiting a chance to see the series for themselves, Moon Knight will launch on Disney Plus on March 30. 

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