Oscar Isaac admits he wanted to be Wolverine when he was a kid

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Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac has admitted that he originally wanted to be a completely different Marvel superhero when he was a kid.

While fans have been campaigning for Marc Spector to enter the MCU for the longest time, Moon Knight is definitely a more obscure character when it comes to non-comic readers, so Isaac has free rein to put his own stamp on the role in the incoming Disney Plus show. But if his childhood self got his way, the Star Wars alum would be playing a much more iconic part.

In an interview with Fandom ahead of Moon Knight‘s release next week, Isaac opened up about his two favorite Marvel characters while growing up. As well as championing the evil Apocalypse, the titular role he occupied in 2016’s X-Men sequel, Isaac admitted that his first Marvel dream gig was Wolverine, as he related to Logan’s short stature.

“[Apocalypse] and Wolverine. I think those two … were my favorite [characters growing up],” Isaac said. “I like Wolverine because Wolverine is short and I’m short.”

While Isaac didn’t end up landing that coveted role, he did appear in the same movie as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, even if Apocalypse didn’t get actually to to share the screen with the Adamantium antihero. Ironically, Marvel may now be in the process of finding a new Wolverine, seeing as Jackman’s since retired from the part, so Isaac could’ve potentially been in the running if he held out on accepting Moon Knight.

Not that the actor is kicking himself or anything. Isaac clearly loves the character of Moon Knight, and has explained that his complexities — the vigilante suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, allowing the 43 year-old to portray various different personas in the show — was what drew him to the project, even if he was apprehensive about signing up for a long-term commitment such as the MCU.

He might not be Wolverine himself, but maybe Moon Knight could meet the next incarnation of Logan someday. In the meantime, his Marvel debut premieres March 30 on Disney Plus.

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