‘Moonfall’ crashes to Earth in disappointing opening weekend

This weekend saw movie fans receive a variety of options to check out with the classic comedy franchise Jackass receiving another entry, along with ambitious newcomer Moonfall from the great director Roland Emmerich.

Launching on Feb. 3, things haven’t gone so well for this epic despite high expectations and a monstrous budget. Moonfall only garnered $10.1 from the North American domestic box office. This number falls noticeably short of the weekend’s biggest hit, Jackass Forever, which clocked in $23.5 million.

Moonfall is yet another sci-fi disaster flick from Emmerich, the director who has produced films like The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day. In this flick, something has sent the Moon out of Earth’s orbit and hurtling towards it. To fix this, our main cast of stars is recruited with just weeks to save humanity.

Moonfall stars John Bradley K.C., Patrick Wilson, Kelly Yu, and Halle Berry. The film reportedly cost $140 million to make making its opening weekend numbers deflating at best. Global figures for Moonfall have yet to be released so perhaps the film can make up for its shortcomings internationally.

While things didn’t go as expected, Moonfall still took second place pulling in more viewers than Spider-Man: No Way Home which has remained number one for six of the eight weeks since its launch.

Fresh into its theatrical run, there is still plenty of time for Moonfall to catch on and the film to make back its exorbitant cost. Reviews for the film have been mixed with critics leaving an average rating of 4.5 while audiences have been slightly kinder at 6.7 out of 10. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, Moonfall is available to catch in theatres today.