‘Moonfall’ director would make a sequel inspired by ‘Star Wars’


Moonfall won’t arrive in cinemas until Feb. 4, but the sci-fi film’s director is already toying with the idea of a sequel or two, and how it might be inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy.

Roland Emmerich’s forthcoming film might have the aesthetic presentation of a hard science-fiction flick at first glance, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that it is going to uncover the moon’s deepest, darkest secret, something that free-thinkers and scientists have attempted to no avail for millennia.

Whatever is causing the moon to run out of its orbit in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, you can almost certainly count on it to be in the realm of the metaphysical extraordinary. So, at some level, Moonfall will draw heavy parallels with some of the most immersive works of science fiction in cinema, despite the director’s claim that he’s created his own genre.

In fact, it seems that the inevitable parallels are something that Emmerich must have realized early on because he’s already contemplating developing a story based on what George Lucas did with the original Star Wars trilogy back in the early 80s.

The filmmaker recently sat down to discuss his vision for Moonfall with Collider, whereupon he also touched on the subject of sequels, or rather what he’d do if he had the opportunity to make the film into a trilogy.

“I’m also not very high on sequels. But I tried this time to make this a trilogy, but I am not sure even if I want it anymore. I think if I do a sequel, I will make it a little bit more like the original Star Wars, the second one will have a huge cliffhanger. Because that’s totally lost on people. Everything always has to be clean-cut. Why not leave them hanging and say, ‘see the conclusion, in two years.'”

If something’s really wrong with the Earth’s moon in Moonfall, then our lot is presumably going to do something to fix it, which has me wondering what Emmerich really means when discussing the idea of these sequels. Though, come Feb. 4, we’ll get the chance to figure out the answer for ourselves soon enough.

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