‘Morbius’ debuts with a dire 19% score on Rotten Tomatoes

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The reviews are in and, sorry to say, Morbius appears to have fallen well short of its predecessors, landing one of the more dismal Rotten Tomatoes scores in recent blockbuster memory.

With 47 reviews lodged, the movie holds a score of just 19%, one of the worst in the modern age of Marvel films, and comfortably the lowest for any comic book blockbuster even tangentially related to Spider-Man.

Compared to the 27 movies that make up the adjacent Marvel Cinematic Universe, Morbius’ 19% puts it far below Eternals, which holds the MCU’s lowest score of 47%. Furthermore, Morbius lags behind Sony’s other recent spinoff offerings, Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which hold respective scores of 30% and 58% on the aggregation site.

There is still a glimmer of hope for Morbius, though, as Marvel films typically score better in the audience rating department. But, if early social media reactions are anything to go by, it doesn’t look good for the Jared Leto-led endeavor.

Morbius marks the first time that the titular character has been featured on the big screen, with Leto portraying the Living Vampire. Critics aren’t slamming any specific performance, per se, but instead the film’s apparent lack of direction and ‘messy’ third act.

The reviews are still rolling in, so this score could increase over the coming days, but for now it would seem that Morbius is going to be an increasingly rare Marvel flop.

Fans can make up their own opinion on the film when it launches in theaters this week. The movie is currently available in some regions, and will be coming to the United States on April 1.

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