Morbius Delayed Until 2021 Due To Coronavirus Pandemic


Sony and Marvel’s ongoing partnership has certainly been one of the most interesting subplots of recent comic book movies.

There’ve been several highs and lows – if you’ll recall, last year it looked certain that Sony was about to walk away from the arrangement, until Disney and Marvel Studios were able to strike a new deal – and over the last couple of years, it’s paved the way for a different sort of superhero to emerge.

I mean, just look at Tom Hardy’s Venom. The symbiote’s standalone outing was quite unlike anything we’ve seen in the genre for quite some time. And the same goes for Morbius, the Jared Leto-starring vampire flick which is shaping up to be pretty intriguing, too. But unfortunately, it now looks as if we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we can lay eyes on it, as Sony’s announced that they’ll be delaying it due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

While it was supposed to be with us later this year – on July 31st, to be exact – the spinoff will now be pushed back until March 19th, 2021. It’s a substantial delay, no doubt, and will come as a big blow to fans who’d been eagerly anticipating the Living Vampire’s big screen debut.

But given that Morbius might be a tougher sell at the box office than you’d think, with a bit of uncertainty surrounding the film seeing as it features a lower-tier comic book character that general audiences probably aren’t familiar with, it only makes sense to hold the project back. After all, the Coronavirus will in all likelihood still be with us by July and Sony no doubt wants to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the pic’s chances of box office success.