New Morbius Photo Shows Off Jared Leto’s Dual Personalities


Jared Leto may have been completely unaware of the Coronavirus pandemic after spending twelve days meditating in the desert at a technology-free facility, but now that he’s returned from the wilderness, once the global crisis is over he’s going to have to hit the road in order to promote his latest movie.

Morbius, the next installment in Sony’s own Marvel universe, is still currently scheduled to reach theaters in July, although that’s hardly set in stone given how badly the Coronavirus has impacted the movie business. With less than four months to go though, the marketing campaign would usually start gathering steam around now, but given the circumstances, the entire industry has essentially hit the pause button.

The first trailer generated plenty of buzz online, although that was mostly due to the surprising cameos and connections to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, rather than a reaction to the footage itself. The Living Vampire’s big screen debut looks to be cut from much the same cloth as Venom, with the same dark color palette and seemingly inconsistent CGI that could well turn out to be the hallmarks of the studio’s proposed alternative to the MCU.

We’ll have to wait and see if that’s indeed the case, but a new image from the comic book movie has been released today and if it doesn’t end up getting used as an official poster, then it really should, because it teases the concept of Morbius by using an interesting and unique design that also doesn’t give away too much to those unfamiliar with the property.

See for yourself below:

Morbius could turn out to be a tougher sell at the box office than perhaps Sony are anticipating, with huge question marks surrounding the appeal of a vampire-driven superhero movie based on a lower-tier character that many casual audiences may never even have heard of. Then there’s the people that could be put off by Leto’s last stab at the genre after his turn as Suicide Squad’s divisive Joker. As such, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how it performs when it eventually gets released.