‘Morbius’ poster promises a new Marvel legend is about to arrive

It actually looks like, after countless delays, Morbius is finally about to hit theaters this spring. Originally set for summer 2020, Sony has been shifting the Jared Leto vehicle around the schedules ever since, with its most recent delay moving it from this January to April. But the unveiling of a new poster, proudly displaying the current release date, seems to promise no more hold-ups. This means it’s about time to meet a new Marvel legend.

At least, that’s what the poster’s tagline says. “Marvel legend” might be a bit of a grandiose title for a B-list Spider-Man villain like Michael Morbius but, hey, the MCU has transformed many lesser-known characters into fan-favorites, so we’ll have to withhold judgment until the film is here. The poster in question puts Leto’s hooded doctor in (un)dead center, surrounded by his echolocation waves, with the eyes of his Living Vampire form glaring from above him.

Also showcased in the poster is the movie’s supporting cast. First off, we have Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud, the FBI agent on Morbius’ tail once he transforms into a creature of the night. But the real villain of the piece is Matt Smith’s Loxias Crown, an old friend of Morbius’ who’s suffering from the same debilitating blood disease. Adria Arjona is Martine Bancroft, Michael’s love interest, while Jared Harris plays his mentor, Emil Nikols.

While not as aesthetically pleasing as the moody Leto-focused posters we’ve had before, it wouldn’t be a Sony superhero flick if it didn’t get one of these overpopulated posters. So now that this is here, we can presumably rest assured that Morbius is really on its way to the silver screen in just a couple of months’ time. This one really could go either way, but hopefully, it’ll prove to be an entertaining horror-tinged comic book film when it premieres on April 1.