Morbius Set Photo Features A Nod To Another Spider-Man Villain


The upcoming Morbius movie will serve as only the second entry in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, but the studio already has a few further features bubbling in development. And in a recent photo from the film’s Manchester set, fans have spotted a tease for one of these planned projects.

In the newly shared pic, we see a truck for a Brooklyn catering company which goes by a noteworthy name: Kraven. In case you’re unaware, Kraven the Hunter is the moniker of another comic book villain who’s best known as a frequent enemy of Spider-Man. And as it happens, Sony currently has a Kraven movie in the works, with a script from Equalizer scribe Richard Wenk.

Despite the negative critical reception, last year’s Venom got the Sony universe off to a strong start at the box office that ensured Eddie Brock will be returning for a sequel. Still, the pressure is on Morbius to prove that the success of Ruben Fleischer’s film was no fluke, and that the SUMC can sustain the interest of filmgoers beyond one character. As it stands, we’ve yet to get a proper look at Jared Leto in full vampire mode, though the star recently shared a set photo that strategically covered most of his face.

Leto will be joined by Matt Smith in the role of the villainous Loxias Crown. Earlier this month, the Doctor Who actor recalled being convinced by his old co-star Karen Gillan to give the superhero genre a try, now that she’s found success as part of the MCU. We’ll find out if Sony’s own Marvel universe can keep its momentum when Morbius hits theaters on July 31st, 2020.