New Morbius Set Photos Reveal First Look At Jared Leto And Matt Smith


The upcoming Morbius movie will serve as the second entry into Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters and already, it’s creating a good deal of buzz as it begins to take flight.

Plot-wise, we’re still pretty in the dark when it comes to what we can expect, but star Jared Leto has already alluded to 2013 Marvel MAX series The Man Called Morbius from writer Joe Keating as being a source of inspiration, which basically confirms the pic’s gothic leanings. We also know that the villain of the film will be Matt Smith’s Loxias Crown.

From what we understand, he’s an original character not from the comics and is described as “Morbius’ best friend who also suffers from the blood disease.” Clearly, something will happen between the two to turn them against one another and while we can’t say what that might be just yet, we do now have our first look at the two actors on set, with filming now underway and eager photographers capturing snaps of Leto and Smith doing their thing.

These photos don’t tell us a whole lot – if anything – about the movie, but again, with production ongoing, we should begin to see more soon. Maybe we’ll even catch a glimpse of Adria Arjona, who’ll portray Michael’s love interest, Martine Bancroft, or Jared Harris, who’s set to portray Morbius’ mentor?

In the meantime, the pressure is definitely on for this particular project to prove that the success of Venom was no fluke, and that Sony’s burgeoning cinematic universe can sustain the interest of audiences beyond just one movie. With another two months or so left of filming, here’s hoping we’ll get a better look at Morbius before it hits cinemas next year, on July 31st, 2020.