More bad news for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ after it bombs in China

by Keane Eacobellis

Even though director Lana Wachowski and star Keanu Reeves were very non-committal when being asked if The Matrix Resurrections could lead to even more sequels in the future, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Warner Bros. would give a fifth or sixth installment a green light, even if the cast and crew wanted to make it happen.

Pretty much every R-rated title to have released during the pandemic has struggled at the box office, especially those that came bearing big budgets and scored simultaneous HBO Max debuts as The Suicide Squad will attest, so Resurrections needed to be something pretty special in order to hit big with audiences on the big screen.

Alas, it was not, and the most recent estimates had Neo and Trinity’s return losing Warner Bros. up to $100 million. There was hope that a robust performance in China may stop at least some of the rot, but Resurrections has instead become the latest in a long line of Hollywood features to flop in the East.

It did top the local charts this past weekend, though, but a $7.5 million haul definitely isn’t anything to write home about. Having been available to stream for almost a month, piracy is invariably a huge factor in such low numbers, but the consensus is that Resurrections was not worth the eighteen-year wait.

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