Morena Baccarin Says No One’s Contacted Her For Deadpool 3 Yet


All big superheroes with their own franchise need a studio-mandated love interest, even the fourth wall-breaking and self-aware Deadpool. Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa filled that part in Wade Wilson’s first two solo outings, and while she was seemingly killed off at the start of Deadpool 2, the mid-credits sequence showed us that the Merc had used Cable’s time travel device to save her life.

With Deadpool now under new management at Marvel Studios though, many questions remain regarding whether or not Kevin Feige plans to bring back any of the supporting characters from the previous two films now that Wade Wilson is part of a whole different cinematic universe. The studio has yet to break the silence on that, but in a recent interview, Baccarin admitted that she hasn’t been approached or asked about the project yet and doesn’t know what role she’ll have in the threequel – if any at all.

“I have no idea,” she admitted when asked if she has a bigger role in Deadpool 3. “Apparently, they’re still writing it. I genuinely don’t know. I have not been asked, or approached. There’s been no conversations yet, so I’m waiting with bated breath.”

While discouraging to hear, this doesn’t 100% mean that Vanessa won’t return. That being said, the signs aren’t looking too good right now. In fact, We Got This Covered told you a few months ago that the current draft of the script doesn’t include the character. And while things can always change as the story continues to develop, we wouldn’t hold her breath for her to show up.

After all, Deadpool 3 will have a ton of heavy lifting to do as far as setting Wade Wilson up in the MCU goes and might not have time to properly introduce all his supporting players into the franchise. As such, Kevin Feige and co. may decide that it’s best to save them for future sequels, where they’ll have more room to breathe. And frankly, that probably makes the most sense.

Source: EW

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