Morgan Freeman Open To Bruce Almighty 2, But Only If Jim Carrey Returns



With that signature (and soothing) voice coupled with a cool and calm demeanour, Morgan Freeman portrayed God with such compelling gravitas across Bruce Almighty and its middling spinoff Evan Almighty that he could fool us into believing that he actually is the all-powerful deity – ice-white suit and all.

It’s been almost a decade since Freeman last played the role in 2007, though while speaking to /Film, the esteemed actor revealed that he would be game for returning for Bruce Almighty 2, but only if Jim Carrey joins him. Said he: “I think I would have to if they did it. If Jim Carrey plays his character, and if I was called on, I would feel obligated.”

Carrey and Freeman first united for the original sleeper hit in 2003, where the former took on the role of Bruce Nolan, a struggling field reporter who is imbued with divine powers capable of reversing not only his own fortunes, but those fortunes of his nearest and dearest. Moral complications come to the fore thick and fast, though, particularly when Bruce attempts to dabble with free will. When the credits rolled, Carrey’s protagonist had accepted his fate, one decided by the Powers That Be, that he is the new God.

It was a light and breezy comedy that appeared to be all wrapped up by the end, hence the reason Evan Almighty struggled both financially and critically. Despite this, and particularly in light of Dumb and Dumber To‘s relative success, it’s understood that Jim Carrey has altered his stance on movie sequels.

But will Morgan Freeman’s enthusiasm be enough to convince both Carrey and Universal to reunite for Bruce Almighty 2?

Source: /Film

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