WB Announces New Mortal Kombat Animated Movie Battle Of The Realms

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

If this year’s live-action Mortal Kombat movie has left you wanting for more adventures set in NetherRealm Studios’ beloved universe, Warner Bros. has just the surprise for you.

Announced earlier today exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms is an animated tale and direct sequel to last year’s well-received spinoff Scorpion’s Revenge. Several cast members, including Joel McHale and Jennifer Carpenter, are confirmed to be returning as Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade respectively for this second outing, and they’ll be joined by a number of new additions. Matthew Mercer will take on the roles of Stryker and Smoke, while Emily O’Brien will provide the voice of Jade.

Folks not familiar with the art style can check out a first screenshot of the upcoming film featuring the aforementioned heroes of Earthrealm, Cage and Blade, below.

As for when one can expect the blood to flow, so to speak, a concrete release date has yet to be provided, though THR notes that Warner Bros. is aiming for a late summer 2021 debut, meaning little more than a few months’ wait is in order.

In terms of narrative, we can only imagine, given its status as a sequel, that Battle of the Realms will pick up directly where its predecessor left off. With Shao Kahn furious following his servant Shang Tsung’s defeat in the series’ titular tournament, the ruler of Outworld will be prepping his army for an all-out invasion of Earth. That being the case, fans can likely look forward to an epic showdown between the forces of good and evil in a winner-takes-all competition to decide the fate of mankind.

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